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    Video Attachment

    Edward, thank you for that on point explanation on the ILO. Well done. Now you have me fired up. My company vision has multiplied exponentially. Thanks Edward.
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    Great Progress.

    I believe Edward will launch the platform after the 4th of July Holiday. Has anyone heard the 9th of July?
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    Great Progress.

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    Quality Companies

    I have met several ILO management teams. Great people!
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    Video Attachment

    Can you attach a video file to be viewed here on the ILO chat forum?
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    Anxiously waiting the ILO Platform

    Without a doubt. The ILO is going to replace IPO's and ICO's.
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    Demand for ILO versus availabilty?

    With such an incredibly heavy demand for individuals wanting to purchase ILO's on the initial platform, what happens when you have to finally say, sorry, no more are available? How do you say "No" to a potentially motivated license holder? I know that purchasing the ILO's early is the key to...
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    It is time for the Olympics (Olympic Therapeutics)

    You bet it is! The companies on the platform are top shelf thanks to Ray B.
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    Pipe Technologies "The Sonic" by Epichronic. Get your ILO today.

    Pipe Technologies is a technology company and the manufacturer of a pipe named "The Sonic". CEO/CFO Daniel Goldman has executed a licensing contract with Epichronic, a Seattle based company, to promote and build brand awareness for this technologically advanced pipe, "The Sonic". Interested in...
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    ILO Launch

    I'm very anxious for the ILO platform to launch and when it does hang on! The plans for growth and the vision you have for your company is quickly going to become a reality. Edward and Todd have been relentlessly testing the platform to insure it's success and I get wait to meet and go to work...