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    Social network integration could make the ILO market huge!

    If buyers leveraged their social media accounts it could become super easy to promote the companies. It's in buyers best interest promoting the company (more sales = more royalties), and social media could give them the means to easily do so. Say you have 100 friends and 10 of them are also...
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    The need for a good ILO platform

    As Initial License Offerings are becoming more mainstream there's more and more need for a strong platform with to connect buyers and sellers, and provide some level of guarantees to the sellers and buyers (that both are legitimate, and can mutually help each). What do you think an ILO platform...
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    How to promote an ILO?

    So I'm new to this concept, and I wonder if I were to creat an ILO how I would go about promoting it. I couldn't find a specific platform to do so, is there some? Mind sharing? Thanks in advance.