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    Date to buy

    Anybody know when we can buy ILO'S?
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    It is time for the Olympics (Olympic Therapeutics)

    WOW! I am gobsmacked over having an opportunity to invest in a company such as Olympic Therapeutics. There are several multi billion dollar drugs in this category and yet, I was reading in a recent newspaper that resistance has become common with these drugs. Therefore, a huge opportunity for...
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    Quality Companies

    Just reviewing the Capital Superhighway video and saw at the end, a video on Olympic Therapeutics. Obviously, this is a high value company with tremendous potential. I would not have been able to locate such a company without the ILO Platform. Normally, the venture capitalists scoop up these...
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    Anxiously waiting the ILO Platform

    It is now the 21st century and it has taken untold years for a true breakthrough in fundraising to evolve. The time is now and it is called "ILO". We finally have the opportunity previously reserved for the fortunate few to invest in promising new companies. We are very excited.