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    How to promote an ILO?

    There will be released shortly a specific way to promote your ILO on many platforms. This is coming! In the meantime, here in Australia we are in the process of producing media releases in our major weekend newspaper financial section and a financial magazine as well as a major publication in...
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    UUA Capital

    Hi UUA Capital, we are a renewable energy consultancy in Australia and have some interesting technologies re storage and use of excess energy produced, not just battery storage. We have 4 projects to complete and would like to, after our ILO is launched, to see if there are synergies with your...
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    Demand for ILO versus availabilty?

    Several of these ILO’s will require multiple rounds and investors will be richly rewarded.
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    Demand for ILO versus availabilty?

    We have a serious group of developing ILO’s being positioned for the first round. Multiple major Renewable energy projects, a rare earth mining project, incredible retail technology platform, medical innovation tech and a major infrastructure Great Barrier Reef resort. These are just a sample...
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    Video Attachment

    Here’s a video explaining the SCH.
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    Video Attachment

    That would be great if possible. Interest is going crazy in the ILO’s.
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    Quality Companies

    I know of a group in Australia with a bunch of ILO’s that are incredible and the number is growing rapidly. The sheer reach of this platform is boundless and very exciting. What a time to be an investor or an ILO company!
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    Great Progress.

    Not at this stage definitely but it would be close to predicted timeframe from the developers.
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    What is an ILO

    This is one of the very significant advantages. The sharks in the tanks are going to be slimmer shortly!
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    Great Progress.

    Very impressed with the growth in investor numbers over the last 2 months. Company interest in ILO’s is rapidly increasing. Let’s get this first group of companies launched on the platform. A tsunami of new ILO’s will follow quickly straight after.