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Jun 15, 2018
The Conflow Power ILO is now available for purchase on PreILO -

E-Getx Limited trading as ConFlow Power formally launches its Nano Battery Device after rigorous due diligence and testing. The entire team can confirm categorically that they have a self-generating battery device which has withstood hundreds of self-renewing tests to satisfy its partners. This world changing device is working.

There is a long way to go before the product can be sent to end users, but demo units are in use and have been for several months. Over the past few months the inventor and advisors have been in negotiations with ILOCX and have reached an agreement for the global strategic launch of the product.

ConFlow has today launched on, issuing 100,000 License Units in its Initial License Offering (ILO) for a 10% share of their revenue for the next 3 years. ConFlow Power finalized its listing on the early adopter's board within the ILOCX ecosystem priced at $20.00 per license that will bring in a total of $2,000,000 in pre-sales for the ILO. The company will use the capital infusion generated by the sale of the ILO to enhance sales revenue and deploy the ConFlow Power Device into multiple channels. ConFlow Power achieves fast results based on the growth strategy, which enables a fast, safe and secure execution of what promises to be a total market dominance.

ILOCX Chief Executive, Edward Fitzpatrick said, "Working closely with the inventor and advisors over the past few months has been truly fascinating. I have learned so much. Firstly, this device could bring a rare and truly enormous market shift. Secondly, coupling this with our own innovative platform, using collaborative capital and marketing, better serving companies like ConFlow Power helping them come to the capital market with a smarter approach instead of using equity or debt. This develops an innovative and efficient smart partnership between the capital markets and the companies that rely on them. Showcasing another and equally big market shift."

ILOCX Limited formally notifies all parties of its ownership in "E-Getx Limited" as a substantial, but not controlling shareholder. As part of an earlier acquisition of the technology, IP, and patents, "E-Getx Limited" and ILOCX entered into an agreement to accelerate the ConFlow Power device to market using a combination of underwriting, acquisition, and strategy. This also includes a rigorous schedule for testing, databasing and regulating the ConFlow Power technology, making it fully ready for market.

ConFlow Power's listing on PreILO is a stepping stone to the next level. PreILO speeds the company into revenue-ready status. Then, as agreed upon, the company will elevate its listing to the main board. The PreILO platform has already successfully funded all projects listed on the platform to date.

About ConFlow Power

ConFlow Power was acquired this year for an undisclosed sum by E-Getx Limited in London, England. This transaction was underwritten by ILOCX Limited, who became a significant shareholder as part of the transaction. ConFlow Power has developed a renewable generator using a combination of Nano technology and Nano film, coupled with natural gases in the atmosphere, to create a totally self-renewing power source, hence the name ConFlow for a 'Continuous Flow'. ConFlow Power looks like a battery and acts like a battery, but is in fact a combination of an on-board generator and a capacitor, performing similarly to a battery or electric power source. The ConFlow Device can be used in a multitude of sectors, including electronics, automobiles, computing and mobile communications. It also has heavy industrial capabilities and applications that stretch into many, if not all, landscapes. ConFlow Power has adopted a strategy to use GCLs (Global Conditional Licensing). Global licenses will be issued under regional and sector conditions to enhance the speed to market and create a mass footprint for global manufacturing.