"We The People" stores offering innovative Crowdfunded products

Jun 26, 2018
Funded Global Pte Ltd of Singapore will be offering an ILO to fund it's global expansion of the "We The People" stores. "We The People" (WTP) stores were opened in Singapore to exclusively sell products developed by Kickstarter Creators and funded on Kickstarter almost 2 years ago by Funded Pte Ltd doing business as We The People. The stores now offer crowdfunded products from multiple platforms around the world. The initial store has expanded to 5 stores in different malls in Singapore. The stores have proven so successful that entrepreneurs from all over the world have approached the 4 Co-Founders and requested to franchise the concept in South East Asia, North Asia, Europe, and North America.

Funded Global has been formed by Funded ( the company owning and operating the 5 WTP stores in Singapore). Funded Global is majority owned by Funded and has licensed the "We The People" brand and WTP Collaborative System to Funded Global. The principals and founders the WTP stores will manage and operate the global franchise operation.

Funded Global is in the process of franchising, licensing, and opening corporate WTP stores in the USA, Iberia (Spain & Portugal), Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, and South Korea. Entreprenuers from other nations are in contact to discuss the opportunity. In the Spring of 2020 a new store will be opened in Silicone Valley California and a model and training center was opened in St. Louis in the winter of 2018.

WTP will be raising $3,000,000 beginning in October 2019 for global expansion through the ILO platform. Any inquiries can be directed to terry@wtpstore.co.
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